January 8, 2019

Diacamba 2019

As the calendar turned to 2019; Farmers begin to "Think Spring". More Dicamba requirements are in store for 2019:

Training and certification requirements were covered online by FarmWeekNow on December 20th: https://farmweeknow.com/story-idoa-makes-decision-dicamba-p… .

In essence, you must be a Certified Applicator (Private or Commercial) to use the products (including purchasing, mixing, loading, applying, or cleaning equipment) in 2019. Those only transporting the product do not need to be Certified Applicators, per the IL Department of Agriculture. If you have an Operator’s License, you do not meet the licensing requirements to apply dicamba products in 2019, without additional certification. Members should explore clinic and testing information from the University of Illinois Extension’s Pesticide Safety Education Program.  https://web.extension.illinois.edu/psep/

In addition, Dicamba-specific training is required for everyone who plans to use the product in 2019. Those trainings are now required annually, and in Illinois they are organized by the registrants (Bayer, Corteva, and BASF) and the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association (IFCA). You can find a training near you by visiting IFCA’s website
(https://ifca.com/IllinoisDicambaTraining ). You can expect more trainings to be scheduled and online options posted as well – please continue to check that website for updates

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